Digital Gallery

Dress It Up Dressing

Development, Responsive Design,

We helped redevelop a legacy website into a modern responsive solution. Based on an established brand, we advanced the unique design sensibility of this boutique food producer to provide a responsive e-commerce solution. We also consult with Dress it Up Dressing in areas of marketing, outreach, social media management and strategy.

P3 Transportation Policy

Development, Responsive Design,
In an unusually short turnaround, We developed a responsive website for a leading academic center in Arlington, VA. Using a custom engineered WordPress content management system, we adapted the site to the Institutional brand, and leveraged the library, events and news into an adaptive design, enabling quick updates in a familiar administrative environment. We produced the video too!

Greater Places

Design, Development, Responsive Design, SEO,
We have partnered with this tech start-up to become what he been referred to as the Wikipedia of Urban Design. Based on a unique layout, we developed the site on a customized and sole-purposed engineered WordPress content management solution. This robust tool enables us to incorporate novel database features and functionality and allow our clients to fully manage the front end of their site in an easy to use platform. We consults with GreaterPlaces in areas of outreach, marketing engagement and technology.

Street Smart

Development, Responsive Design
Streetsmart is a New Jersey based public awareness campaign designed to provide pedestrians and bicyclists with education about safely navigating busy streets. They needed a website for a launch event and they needed it to be accessible to all users. Our team supported and designed an intuitive user interface, with a media library and embedded video. In addition we made the site responsive and built in baseline SEO to make sure everyone who needed to find the site could.

DC Cooperative Housing Coalition

Development, Responsive Design,
The DC Cooperative Housing Coalition turned to our team when it needed an updated web presence. Building on the existing branding scheme, we updated to site to utilize a fully accessible Content Management System featuring interactive Google Maps and a customized solution to manage the membership and services section. The site is fully responsive to common platforms and browsers.

Charles Allen

Development, Responsive Design,
In the 2014 and 2018  election cycles, we produced websites for a number of candidates. We were very pleased to be able to develop and implement a customized look and feel tied to the unique color schemes of each of our clients. Integrated with the NationBuilder platform, each of these solutions featured a responsive solution for easy mobile access, and allowed both supporters and volunteers to access the necessary maps, walk lists and other tools necessary for success at the polls!

Popcorn & Ice Cream

Popcorn & Ice Cream, a public relations and marketing firm specializing in small business marketing was in need of a new, easier to use CMS to manage their ever expanding website. We created a custom WordPress CMS geared specifically towards their operating needs. In addition we re-coded the site to make it responsive and mobile and tablet friendly. We have also supported Popcorn & Ice Cream in supporting small businesses throughout the region.