Capital Grid is a billion dollar upgrade to the central energy infrastructure in Washington, DC. The local utility, Pepco/Exelon, is executing a complex construction project than spans several miles from Takoma Park, MD to Buzzard Point, impacting thousands of residents and businesses in the center of the city.

The Challenge
The physical project had hundreds of moving parts, so public engagement was critical to the success of the Public Affairs Office and the Construction teams. Providing information around meetings and educational events as well as for the route and real time construction activities, pushed us in a unique direction.

The Solution
We produced a website focused on an interactive map using  the Google Map platform, but with customizations facilitating branding, icons and pop-up information. Using check-box options, the end-user was able to drill down to the specific content they wanted, while at the same time, providing the Utility the necessary records for Public Service Commission reports.

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