About Us


Rivendell works with its clients, whether a small business or non-profit, a government agency or jurisdiction to help engage and transform communities.

Since 1992, we have provided an multi-channel and multi-disciplinary suite of consulting and communications services to a wide variety of clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors. We fuse innovative solutions with community outreach to keep the public engaged and active. We have a particular focus on environmental sustainability, energy, urban resilience and experiential retail.

About Rivendell

As a consultant, Rivendell has supported the transformation of physical spaces and places into 21st Century models of resilience with targets of net-zero waste, net-zero carbon and net-zero energy. We work with stakeholders to develop the economic, health and other benefits of sustainable solutions, whether an individual business that wants to transform its practices and buildings to be resilient and sustainable, or a property owner or government that wishes to work with a local community to develop a path to sustainability through public engagement.

As a media producer, Rivendell has created successful, innovative and award-winning campaigns, web applications, brand development solutions and social media strategy for Fortune 500 companies, Federal, state and local government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and neighborhood groups. We specialize in organizing and enhancing our clients’ ideas, and creating all of the elements to fuse the “look” and “feel” into a cohesive presentation. By combining the creative aspects of image, design and function with captivating storytelling we can more effectively present and communicate our clients’ message across all media as part of an engagement process.

Rivendell International is a Certified Business Enterprise with the District of Columbia Department of Small and Local Business Development.

The company’s principal, Andrew Aurbach, has over 25 years of award-winning community engagement experience as well as project management expertise. Aurbach has developed multimedia products and communications strategy and produced educational and outreach programs for many clients including Fortune 500 companies, federal, state and local governments, major institutions of higher learning, trade associations and community groups.

Sustainable Business — A Vision Statement

At Rivendell, we believe that every small action and choice can have great impact on our surroundings. We help our clients recognize these choices and guide on a path that helps a triple bottom line vision that positively impacts all corners of our society. As such, we embrace many of the common tenants of sustainable business that understands

  • the economic strength depends on sound environmental practices to ensure longevity;
  • the successful connection between business and nature is paramount;
  • Rivendell is committed, as business and community leaders, to the well being of both economic and environmental systems;

We conduct business in ways that:

  • preserve, protect and enhance the living systems, in the District of Columbia, the greater region and the planet — that sustain our business and the larger human economy;
  • provide increasing value in meeting the needs of our clients and communities;

To achieve this, we:

  • consider the environmental impacts in our operating decisions;
  • minimize consumption of natural resources
  • minimize waste including water, carbon and electricity;
  • analyze the life cycle operating costs and impacts in our decision-making process;
  • treat customers, suppliers and stakeholders fairly, honestly and respectfully;
  • take responsibility for our actions and community impact;
  • take responsibility for the safe “end of life” recovery and reuse or recycling or our products

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