Proud to partner with The Greenville Housing Authority, to re-think its web presence and produce a solution that is both easier to use as well as aiding in improving back-office efficiency.

We were engaged by the Greenville Housing Authority to re-think its web presence. Based on a legacy Microsoft .net solution where new HTML files were uploaded each time a new page was required, the basic requirements were for a flexible and customizable Content Management System, we selected WordPress, a “mobile first” responsive design, Section 508 AA 2.1 compliance and organizing a disengaged site map with logic flow to its content. We started by assessing the goals of the organization and an analysis of analytics to understand where end-users were accessing the existing site and from what platforms. After documenting the information, we developed a new site map and created the various designs and navigation scheme. After developing the shell, we brought all of the existing content into the new environment and conformed provided and acquired images to the new templates.

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